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jalada Blocked is the unique game of three dimensional action and strategy. It is played with a set of 3-D blocks, each composed of 1 to 5 cubes. These blocks appear at the top of a multilayered pit and automatically drop down into the pit. You must flip, rotate, and move them into the proper position in order to completely fill a layer with cubes. When a layer is full, it will disappear, giving you more room to maneuver. The more layers you completely fill, the higher your score will be. Be careful, though: cubes in uncompleted layers will remain at the bottom of the pit, giving you less time and room to maneuver. When the stack of blocks reaches the top of the pit, the game is over. Don't worry if you don't do well the first few games; the more you play, the easier the game becomes. jalada Blocked allows the player to choose the set of blocks they will play with and the size of the pit. Pits range from 3x3x6 to 7x7x18, giving a total of 195 possible pit sizes (counting e.g. 3x5x6 and 5x3x6 as identical). Three block sets are available - flat, basic, and extended - making a total of 585 possible game modes. jalada Blocked has many options allowing you to modify the different features of the game. This includes changing the dimensions of the pit and the block set used. Once you master a setup, you can create another one with new challenges.

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